daily sticky note reminders 

     This is not easy, This is overall, hard to do. 


     And it is hard to "stay at it" consistently.  That is why we need to remind ourselves and train ourselves to have an ongoing attitude of "always be closing" others, - i.e., bringing them to a commitment to believe in God, to love God, serve God, and be doing what is right,  every day.


    Trying to "close" others can be quite uncomfortable & socially awkward. . . It can cost us our jobs . . . friends . . . cost us being liked. . . make others feel uncomfortable around us . . . Many will ostracize us and even hate us for caring in this way.


     But if we really love people at the moment-by-moment, if we are really going to care if they are going to heaven or hell . . . If we really are going to try to care for their lives here on earth and the needless pain & destruction they will be walking into - We will try to say or do something. . . Say or do something that can cut-through and be fully God-breathed and impacting.


   God will help us with this . . . because it is so daunting and in such need of His supernatural energization and intervention.  Plus, we need Him to be courageous and to take the ongoing pains of rejection and ridicule. 


     We are powerless without Him . . . 


     But, it is the high calling.  He wants all His sons and daughter to grow-up and mature and to help Him in the family business. . .