daily sticky note reminders 









"All the Law and Prophets hang on these 2 commandments." - Lord Jesus Christ


If we are stranded on a remote jungle island or a deserted land full of hostile natives and without a Bible, we can fare okay just remembering these 2 commandments - all commands fall under these 2.


Only through God and with God, can we obey them and walk uprightly..." Pray that you do not enter into temptation." (- Lord Jesus Christ)  He said we are going to need Him to do this life correctly


We are always trying to not need God.  Hopefully, the sooner the better, we see the futility of this thinking - and surrender the fight - and give our lives to God...



Reload today . . . This is what I am going to do today:





1. God will not ask us to do something that He will not first, do. 


If we are loving God in every way we can (with our whole Hearts, Souls, Minds, & Strength) - we can "rest assured" - we can be comforted that -  He is doing the same back to us! . . . God is loving us back with His whole heart, His whole soul, His whole Mind, and His whole Strength!



2.  We cannot love God properly NOR our Neighbor properly - without God's help & strength, "Apart from Me - you can do NOTHING."  We truly need God deeply & desperately.