Many people believe in God, confess Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior - but continue to be in a spiritual rut and "fog."


We can "cut through" this spiritual dullness, chaos, and spiritual no-man's land in our lives - and in the lives of others - with the following understanding and practice . . .


We need to get-up everyday, and purpose in our souls -  and tell our souls, "I am SERVING God, today."


Then, we need to tell God, "I am loving You and SERVING You, today."

(now He has something more to work with - "Why are you speaking that way or acting that way? . . . "I thought you were serving Me?")


Most "Christians," its seems, cannot make this confession - that they are getting up everyday and serving God.


We actually need to be doing and confessing we are doing these following Old Testament basics: