How can we get-up everyday and serve God-


   Unless we get-up everyday and serve God?





     Let's 'clock-in' on some reasonable level. 


   It is hard to get-up everyday

and Serve God -  


if we are having a hard time "Finding Him" . . . 

Making "contact" with Him . . . 

Making "connection" with Him . . .



     Consistently "Finding God"

  - to a satisfying level - 

is perhaps the greatest ongoing trial of our lives.




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   We get-up everyday 

and tell God we are Serving Him.


Then we tell our own souls

we are Serving Him.


Then we get-up tomorrow

and do it again.





We told God and ourselves

that we are Serving Him today.


What does that look like?


Write down (and review) what your "Best Day For God"

- what your best day Serving God - looks like.



Then we go do it.

(As a believer, we have His Power & Spirit in us,

there is no evil we cannot overcome.)





Then we get-up and do it again tomorrow.


(see Spiritual Tool #5 for some suggestions.)





 It seems that most Christians

in America -



Cannot confess that they get-up

every day and Serve God.



This is probably the main reason

why the youth of America

have been rejecting Christianity.



Or they have quit Serving God altogether.



They see most Christians not Serving Him every day?





 Jesus described 3 Spiritual Temperatures:


1. HOT   2. COLD   3. LUKEWARM



 Lukewarm  was repulsive enough

to make Him want to vomit.






What temperature

are we deciding to be each day?












  Even we, as born-again children of His, can be 'not fun' to be around - even grevious to Him.  That is why we are told to not grieve Him.  (Ephes 4:30)



That is why we need to keep pleasing Him - 

and be sensing His pleasure with us.


Let's try to not be hurting His feelings.


Nor wake up in Eternity realizing we 

could have minimized this a lot more.


He is in a lot of pain

overseeing all mankind - all creation.



Let's help make His job as easy as we can.




He who Loves God - by Obeying God 


 Will be personally visited by God

the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ


              With Intimacy and Friendship.  (John 14)  





For us to believe in the frequently taught 'Santa Claus' love of God - that God is fully pleased and happy with us at all times - no matter how we live our lives, no matter what we do, or how we behave, or what we say -


Is blasphemous, ignorant, and despicable.


It is a false gospel.


We are clearly taught in the

Old Testament and New Testament

that we should continually be 




He is frequently 'on the move'

and doing different things . . .

hoping & expecting us to Follow Him.



It is comforting to know, therefore,

that He will make

that path behind Him for us to follow

- CLEAR to us. -



It would not be right for Him to do otherwise.


Jesus defined the most important activity in all of life:

                                                                                                                     (Luke 10) 


                      1.  Sitting at His feet.

                      2.  Listening to His Word



  So many times we can nobly strive to be in His presence

- actually finding ourselves in God's presence -

but we aren't Listening to Him.



 Close to Him - but still not really Listening to Him.



There are 2 parts to this thing.



Let us strive to always be Listening to Him.

- Even when a child, a spouse, a boss, or a lowly person -

is correcting us.




There is a Pure, Raw Church Service every morning,

starting on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S.

and moving westward with the sun . . . 



           It is around His throne in heaven(Hebrews 4:16)



Let's show-up there as best we can.



     There are a lot of pure-hearted Christians there.